I studied at the Brera Fine Arts Accademy of Milan and worked as restorer for architecture on a variety of projects.
Alongside this professional activity I pursued my personal research throughout graphic arts on which today I invest most of my time.

I like to work with a clear mind, released from particular meanings and thus free to be attentive and aware.

This is the reason that moves me towards basic ways of drawing, preferring dip pen and ink on simple supports like paper.

The work begin by quickly outlining the main features through the use of improvised tools like old brushes or bundles of twigs that leave unpredictable marks.
Then it takes shape using lithographic nibs which allows great precision through very thin and sharp lines.
Paper is the sensitive media on to which instinctive reactions are recorded as the work unfolds with its evolving circumstances.

You can find more about the creative process here.

a dip pen drawing work in progress by francesco beretta

Francesco Beretta, “Untitled #07”, 2009-2010, work in progress.